Asset Reports opened its doors in 2007 to assist Real Estate Agencies/Property Managers with their ever-growing need for assistance with on road duties such as Commercial/Residential Property Condition Reports and Routine Inspections.

Over the last 10 years, Asset Reports has worked with over 280 real estate companies conducting over 20,000 reports for Perth Real Estate clients, providing the highest quality reports  to cover them if a bond dispute was to arise.  All of the reports that we conduct are unbiased to ensure that the owner of the property and the tenant have a clear understanding of the condition of the property when the lease commences. We aim to save the Property Manager time so they can focus on more income generating tasks such as bringing in and managing more properties. We work with luxury properties right down to every day investment properties.

As of 2017, our office contains over 40 full time staff members which consist of Directors, Management, On Road Consultants for PCRs and Routine Inspections, our Quality Control Department as well as our typists.

In 2016, founder of Asset Reports Andrea Huremovic-Williams and her husband John Williams established Asset Reports QS, which is the Tax Depreciation arm of the business. Together, with Kristian Jeromson, Asset Reports QS is a knowledgeable and boutique Tax Depreciation firm, focusing on Australian clients.




  • Gives Property Managers more time focus on managing more properties
  • Allows PM’s to focus on more value added tasks
  • You can recover your costs and generate more income


  • Your branding supplied on the Department of Commerce PCR Template
  • Detailed and comprehensive reports with high quality photos
  • We are reliable and we always attend as agreed
  • We enhance and add value to your brand


  • Residential Tenancy Act compliant
  • Detail-heavy reports which focus on written descriptions
  • Maintain your obligations for Landlord Insurance


  • Retain and attract the best staff by letting PM’s do what they do best – managing properties
  • Allow PM’s to manage more properties and to focus on value-added tasks to improve the value of your rent roll